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How to Save Money In 2022: Tips from a Vernon Electrical Contractor

January 26th 2022

Updating some of the electrical devices and/or systems in your home can save you money and we can help make it happen. At OKV Electrical in Vernon, certified electrician Erik Neuhaus has the passion and knowhow to potentially bring you substantial savings on your 2022 hydro bills.

Here are five tips to help save you money:

Swap Out Your Thermostat

Have you heard of a smart thermostat? If not, it’s time you do. Smart thermostats connect to your wifi network, allowing you to control your home’s temperature from your computer or smartphone. At work when you realize you forgot to turn the heat down? You can adjust the temperature from your phone. Want to come home to a toasty welcome? Bump up the heat setting when you’re on your commute home. In addition to being able to operate remotely, smart thermostats may be able to track usage, display real-time electrical consumption and adapt their settings to your habits. Do a little research and if you have questions about installation, reach out to OKV Electrical at 250-540-6894. We can help.

Install LED and/or ENERGY STAR Lighting Fixtures

ENERGY STAR LEDs use approximately 75% less energy than incandescent lighting. Their lifespan is also significantly longer. Combine the savings of ENERGY STAR lighting with updated lighting controls and the savings will start adding up. Putting lights on timers, and adding dimmer settings can reduce the expense of lighting your home.

Switch to an ENERGY STAR Front-loading Washing Machine

And once your new washer is installed, consider doing the majority of your clothes washing in cold water. Most of the energy consumption of a washing machine – up to 90\\\\\% – comes from heating the water to wash your clothes. An ENERGY STAR front-loading washer can reduce electricity use by up to 65\\\\\% when compared to a traditional top loading machine and cut water use by almost 40\\\\\%.

Turn Off Game Consoles

Game consoles use a significant amount of standby electricity when they're in "off" mode. Unplug if possible when not in use. Also, when streaming movies, consoles require 35\\\\\%-40\\\\\% more electricity than other streaming devices. Consider streaming your favourite show on another device.

Install Advanced or Smart Lighting or Outlet Controls

Sometimes you or someone else in your home might forget to turn off a light or another device. Leaving a light or a device switched on adds unnecessary expense to your electrical bill each month. In our high-tech world, there are many ways to keep your home’s electronics under control without walking around to turn off lights and devices throughout the day. Some examples include:

    1. Advanced Power Bars. Depending on how advanced or smart you want these bars to be, they can do more than only provide power. Master devices can turn off dependent devices, or some can even be controlled from your phone!
    2. Dimmer Switches. A dimmed light doesn’t use as much energy as a light at full brightness. Installing dimmer switches won’t remove accidental expenses, but they may reduce your energy usage!
    3. Motion Sensor Lights. Along with the inherent security features of a these devices, these turn on lights temporarily when motion is detected. With these, you don’t need to turn a light on and off!
    4. Smart Switches and Outlets. Have you ever gotten comfortable in bed only to realize that you forgot to turn off Christmas lights or a light or device in the basement? With smart switches and outlets installed, you can turn off selected devices from your phone.

For more tips, or if you need a Vernon electrician for a job in your home, check out our residential electrical services and then contact us at OKV when you’re ready to tackle your upgrades. No job is too small or too large and we stand by our work. If you’re in the Vernon area, reach out today for a free estimate.