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Okanagan Valley Electrical Services serves residential, commercial, and solar power clients. Check out our most recent blog posts for FAQs, tips, company news, and more!

Troubleshooting Broken Christmas Lights,

Troubleshooting Broken Christmas Lights

December 28th 2020

We would like to take some of the frustration out of the moment and give you a few tips on why your lights might not be working properly and how to troubleshoot your Christmas tree lights when they’re on the fritz.

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When To Call An Electrician About Electrical Problems,

When To Call An Electrician About Electrical Problems

December 8th 2020

Sometimes it's obvious when you need to call an electrician for help - other time's it's not. Let our electricians share a few of the not-so-obvious electrical hazards you might be experiencing in your Okanagan home.

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