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Uses for LED Lighting in Vernon

October 5th 2022

At OKV Electric in Vernon, we are experts in all areas of commercial and residential electrical services, including the many uses of LED lighting, which has exploded in popularity recently – and for good reason – as it is versatile, inexpensive and earth friendly.

Where can you use LED lighting?

In short – almost anywhere! LED strips come in non-weatherproof, weatherproof, and waterproof formats. From your front lawn to your hot tub to your stairway and the underside of your child’s bunkbed, the places for LED lighting throughout your home and property are almost unlimited.


Outdoor LED lights have functional, practical purposes, but they can also turn your backyard into an oasis, lighting walkways, decorating your landscape and brightening outdoor parties. Knowing what your needs and wants are will help you plan the correct lighting for your purpose.

Any LED strips installed outdoors or near a water source should be weatherproof at the least, and ideally, waterproof. You can purchase LEDs that are suitable for outdoor use, but if you have altered them in any way at all, it’s important that you correctly seal any unprotected areas. If you have questions about installation or want some help to ensure your LED lights are installed safely and correctly, reach out today by calling OKV Electric at 250-540-6894.


Home theatres, stairways, bedrooms, bookshelves, above and under kitchen cabinets. These are just a few places your home can benefit from LED lighting. Talk to a professional if you want to explore all the ways your home can benefit from the firesafe, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing option of LED lights.

How long are LED strips?

LED strip lights come in a variety of lengths and can be customized for your specific purposes. Before installation begins, you should measure the length of each area needing lighting (don’t forget to account for gaps, and turns around corners). Then you need to consider the maximum run of your strip lights – this is the maximum length you can run together without experiencing a voltage drop, which will reduce the intensity of your lights. There are ways to extend the maximum run by wiring additional strips directly to the power supply (rather than to another strip). If you’re handy and comfortable making these adjustments yourself, then it can be done. If you’d rather leave the installation to the experts, feel free to reach out to us for advice and installation.

What colour options are available?

Strip colour and brightness options for LED lighting are extensive.

They come in single colour options, which include blue, green, pink, UV (blacklight) and many more. Even white has several options, such as cool, natural and warm.

RGB lights create multiple colours using red, green and blue LEDS as well as white (although the white will have a purple hue with an RGB strip). RGBW strips have a separate white chip that eliminates the purple hue and allows the user to adjust the type of “white” and the brightness, etc.

Different controllers are required for different types of LED lights strips, so be sure to read through all instructions/manuals carefully before installing. Versatile and relatively easy to install, it’s no wonder they are such a popular option. If you’d like to leave the work to the pros, we can install LED strips into a new construction home or in an existing home. Contact us for more info!