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We Install EV Chargers in Vernon Homes

January 12th 2023

At OKV Electric our electricians provide Vernon with the residential electrical services they need! Among these services, we’re certified to install Electric Vehicle Chargers at residential properties in BC. If you’re looking for an electrician referral, consider our team for installing your EV charger!

Did you know an estimated 80 percent of electric car charging takes place at your home? And while you can plug your car into a plug socket, many electric car manufacturers suggest using that option as a last resort or as a backup.

A regular plug socket will charge your car at around 2.3 kW, this means it would take about 17 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle with a 40 kWh battery. A proper EV charger could cut that time down to 6 hours!

Our Vernon electricians are able to install two types of EV chargers. Let’s take a look at them!

Level 2 EV Chargers

Level 2 EV chargers are less powerful than the chargers you find at public EV charging stations (those are Level 3 chargers). However, they are much more powerful than regular plugs.

To use electrician language for a moment, these plugs are wired into your house at 240 volts, typically ranging from 30-50 amps.

EV drivers are choosing to switch over to home charging points because they come in compact weatherproof units that have built-in safety features for optimum ease of use. And, as mentioned earlier, depending on the model of your vehicle, this may give you a charging time of around 6 hours. That means you can plug your car in for the night and expect a fully charged vehicle in the morning!

Level 1 EV Chargers

“Level 1 EV Charger” is a fancy term for a regular electrical socket. There are many good reasons to install additional sockets. For example, you may not use your vehicle enough to need a full charge every day, you have a second EV that doesn’t need the speed a Level 2 charger, you don’t have enough service space to draw a Level 2 charger’s energy needs, or you might need an additional access point for getting some charge to an electric vehicle in certain circumstances.

Level 1 plugs, like regular sockets, provide 120 volts at 20 amps. Depending on your vehicle, a full charge (from empty) can take up to 17 hours.

About Installation Steps

You may have already seen the BC Hydro article about the steps to install an at-home EV charger. Our Vernon electricians follow that process as laid out on BC Hydro’s website, but here is some information you might want to know about some of those steps.

Determining Your Home’s Eligibility

When our residential electricians schedule an appointment to install an EV charger, we will work with you to determine your eligibility.

Confirm Sufficient Electrical Service and Panel Space

Before we install anything, we will take a look at your electrical services and panel We’ll make any required recommendations, and if sufficient service exists, we’ll keep moving forward!

Obtaining an Electrical Permit and Getting an Inspection

As certified Vernon electricians, permits and inspections are already part of our process. We’ll work with you to obtain an electrical permit from Technical Safety BC and get the completed installation inspected.

Apply For A Rebate

In BC, an EV charger rebate program exists for homeowners who install an at-home charger. We’ll make sure you’re aware of this and point you in the right direction for applying!

At OKV Electric, we believe in high customer satisfaction in all of our top-notch residential electrical services. We are fully licensed, fully bonded and insured.

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